Life Line Medical Ambulance
New Hire Packets

Welcome to Life Line Medical Ambulance. We are excited and pleased that you have decided to join our team!!

In this packet you will find many helpful tips, policies, procedures, and paperwork. Paperwork needs to be filled out before or on your first day of work. We will keep all information collected confidential. This packet also includes paperwork required to complete taxes, insurance information, state requirements, and orientation. Please be aware that information is always changing and we try to update all information on our web site to better our employees. This is a lot of information in one day. Don’t get overwhelmed, we are here to help! Ask questions!! The only stupid question is the one not asked.

Fist, fill out all state and local tax information requested as well as personal and emergency contact info, work confidentiality, etc. Then read over the information give to you about blood pathogens, employee responsibilities, orientation, etc. Once looked over and filled out, then orientation will begin.

You are required to do a driving tests as well as drive time. You are on probation for 90 days, and can be let go for any reason. Please look over all equipment, supplies, trucks, etc. If you are unfamiliar with any equipment, please let us know. You are responsible to know, understand, be competent in your EMT skill level.

You will need to look over and be aware of all information provided as well as handbooks, protocols, and information on our web site. Life Line is constantly updating our website. This is a great tool for our employees.

We require a yearly drug test, background screen, and drivers license check. We will Hire non-driver Paramedics, but no other levels. All non-drivers must sign a contract with Life Line prior to starting their first shift. If your driver's license is revoked, suspended, or taken for any reason- you must contact a manager within 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us with any problems or concerns. We are happy you have chosen Life Line for your employment. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked. Welcome to Life Line Medical!



 Transports/Runs are to be turned in completely every day BEFORE you leave. You should not leave until all paperwork/charts are completed.
   Every runs sheet must have a face sheet, run completed online, and doctors certification (if non-emergency or hospital-to-hospital transport), supporting documentation, etc.
All runs with a heart monitor MUST have copy of an EKG strip.
   Run sheets must be turned into the lock box in the supply room.
A complete and signed electronic chart must be completed before you can leave the end of your shift.

   Every vehicle must be checked daily. No exceptions. If an ambulance comes to the office (at any time during your shift) you are REQUIRED to do truck checks/maintenance check/supply checks, regardless of the time of day.
   Trucks are to always be filled at a 1/2 tank. You may not go home until your truck is 1/2 or more filled.
   All safety checks must be completed before using the trucks. If your shift starts at 6 am and you are scheduled to leave at 6 am for a transport, please report a few min early to complete truck checks.
   Vehicles are to be cleaned inside and out every day. The inside must be cleaned after each transport. Vehicles may need to be cleaned more than once per day.

Run reports are to be completed on an electronic charting system and paperwork must be turned in. 
You​ MUST keep all patient info confidential!

​It is important to call the office after each run or when entering back into the county.
Always notify dispatch when leaving or Entering the office.
All employees must read the Life Line handbook and must be familiar with our Code of Conduct and Protocols. 
Never use a Life Line phones for personal use.
There is to be no alcohol or illegal drugs in, near, or around any Life Line property. 
Never use Line Line Medications on non-patient's or other employees. ​

Smokers are only allowed to smoke in designated areas. Never smoke in unauthorized areas or in or around squads, offices, garages, or storage areas. No tobacco products in the ambulances.
All employees are on a 90 day probation period. 
All Sexual harassment rules will be enforced.
Refusing a drug test is considered a failed drug test. 
All squads must be locked up at night. All equipment including Monitors, drug bags, IV bags, vents, etc. must be brought in after each run and before the end of your shift.
Never leave the office unlocked if no one is at the office. Always lock up the garage.
If the temperature is below 60 degrees, the squads must be plugged in.
Never back into the garage without help. If you damage the garage door you are responsible for the damages. Also use caution when backing near the wheelchair ramp.
All drug boxes must be brought in between each transport and locked up. ​

Always travel "emergency status" with due regard to the public and other vehicles. Safety is our number one priority. Seat belts must always be worn by all persons in the ambulance, including patients, riders, employees, and drivers. 
Always wear PPD (personal protection devices) with patient care.
All employees are expected to have a positive attitude.
Always treat hospital staff, nursing home staff, EMS, patient's, Doctors, nurses, family with respect. You must be courteous at ALL  times. If you run into a problem or concern with another entity please contact an officer and let them handle the problem. Please see code of conduct.

You are expected to understand equipment and/or supplies. At any time you feel uncomfortable or you have problems, questions or concerns please contact a supervisor right away. You are required to be proficient in your level of medical training and understand all equipment provided by Life Line. We are more than happy to do any training with you. Just ask for help.     

No-call-no-show: People who do not call within 12 hours of their shift, do not show for work, or is more than 30 min late for work are subject to the "no-call-no-show" policy. This policy enforces the need for promptness, common courtesy, and professionalism. Due to the nature of our business we require that people show up on time. This policy will put 1 weeks pay at minimum wage- for a max of 40 hours or a minimum of 8 hours.

If you call off or are requesting time off you are responsible to find someone to cover your shift.

2 weeks notice:If you leave Life Line Medical Ambulance you are required to give a 2 weeks notice. If you choose not to give this 2 weeks notice then the same policy apply as the "no-call-no-show". Eight to 40 hours will be set to minimum wage.

I, the employee, also understand that any schooling, education, tuition, CEU’s, etc. that is paid in part or in full by Life Line must have a written contract. If no contract is signed then I understand that Life Line can hold, keep, or dock my paycheck if I quit or am fired within 1 year of completing or entering this education. I will be responsible to repay Life Line if I quit or am fired within 1 year of schooling/education. If I do not complete the education, fail, or choose not to take the education after Life Line has paid for part or all of it, then I am responsible to pay Life Line back in full.

You must be familiar with the code of conduct, protocols, emergency status policy, and the Life Line handbook. If you have any questions please contact Janel.  

New Hire Orientation:
Welcome to Life Line. It has been expressed that often people/employees may not know exactly what should be done, and in what order when they come into the office. First of all each employee is REQUIRED to do truck checks, regardless of your rank, education and/or time you came in. For example- if you arrive at 10 am and a crew has been in at 8, you are required to do truck checks. We have had employees drive on flat tires when the tires were fine when they did truck checks earlier that day… so the more eyes on the truck the less likely we will miss something. Paramedics are to do truck checks as well.

Daily Duty list- required to be done by every employee, every day.
1. Clock in
2. Go upstairs and check the schedule/calendar
3. Truck maintenance and safety checks
4. OMTB squad supply checks
5. Wash and clean inside and outside of trucks
6. Medics- Medic bag checks, monitor checks, ALS checks
7. Inventory checks/office supply checks
8. Clean the office:
  a. Vacuum
  b. Clean the office/day rooms
  c. Clean the bathrooms
  d. Other- mow, clean the garage, help with office paperwork, weed, wash windows, water plants, mop floors, wash walls, take out the trash. Organize, shred papers.

 If you have squad runs/transports and you are unable to perform duties- you are still required to do duties one you have returned. Also, if a squad comes in after your shift has started (for example you have been in since 8 and a truck comes in at 10), that truck still needs to be checked.

Personal computers, hand held games (on phones), etc. can not be used until all the above are completed. 

Motor Vehicle Record Release for
Life Line Medical Ambulance

I hereby authorize procurement of my Motor Vehicle Report. This authorization shall remain on file and shall serve as an ongoing authorization for you an dour insurance agent, and insurance company to procure motor vehicle reports at any time during my employment or contract period and for my Pre-Employment background check.

Printed Name:___________________________
SS #:_________________________

License Number: ________________________ DOB:________________________
Current Address: ___________________________________________________
Drivers Signature: ________________________
Date: ________________________

Individual Drivers Questionnaire
Any Special restrictions? ___________________________________
Any Special License? _____________________________________

Accidents and or moving traffic violations in the past 2 years

Date of incident:

Date of incident:

Other: ________________________________________

Drivers Training Course Evaluation:
To be completed once driver has been added to our Insurance and Orientation has been completed.

1. Seat Belt: Yes________ No ____________
2. Able to Turn the squad Properly: __________

3. Proper Acceleration: ____________________       Comments:_________________________
4. Safe Stopping: _________________________  Comments:_________________________
5. Observe Proper Speed limits: _____________ Comments:__________________________
6. Understand “Emergency status:” ___________ Comments:__________________________
7. Backing a squad: _______________________ Comments:__________________________

Missed Criteria or problems: _____________________________________________________

I understand that I am on a 90 day driving probation, and I also understand Life Lines “Emergency Status” Policies and promise to be a safe and cautious driver. I, my partner, my patient, and any riders will always wear my seat belt while in the squad.
Signature: _______________________
Employer signature: __________________________

In Case of Emergency and Contact Info:

While working in Emergency Medicine we are at risk for falls, injuries, car accidents, etc. Life Line would like a list of important information incase such an emergency arises during your employment. No information will be shared, posted, or used unless we feel necessary for the benefit of our employee. You may choose to leave areas blank if you feel necessary.

Employee Name:___________________________________

Emergency Contact Person: ____________________________
Emergency Contact Number: ___________________________
Relationship to Employee: _____________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
Are we allowed to give personal info out to this person during and emergency? ________

Emergency Contact Person: ____________________________
Emergency Contact Number: ___________________________
Relationship to Employee: _____________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
Are we allowed to give personal info out to this person during and emergency? ________

Personal info: Not required to give, this will be kept confidential and will only be used during and emergency.
Drug Allergies: ____________________________
Personal Physician: _________________________
Medical history: __________________________________________
Surgical History:__________________________________________
Medications: _____________________________________________

Other: _____________________________________________________

Orientation for Life Line Medical Ambulance: Check off Form

Name: _________________________________________
Date: _____________
Job Description: ____________________________
Driver/non driver? _______________________
If non-driver contract signed? ______

24 hour ride time
OSHA Regulations
Truck orientation
Blood Borne Pathogens
Lifting and Moving of patients
Official Job description
Stretcher use
State Laws of EMS
Inventory of Trucks
HIPAA Laws and Privacy
Employee Handbook/Manual
Web site
Sexual Harassment
Orientation paperwork

I, ____________________________________, have taken this employee through all requirements above and feel they can preform the duties required of them for the job and the job description assigned above.

I, _____________________________________, new employee, feel comfortable about the information given to be above and I am able to provide and act out my job description as such. I understand that if I have questions at any time, I am to contact one of my superiors.
I also understand that I can find a copy of:
Code of Conduct and disciplinary actions; Harassment Policy; HIPAA and Privacy; Identity Theft for patients; Life Line Services: What we offer; Orientation; Job Description; EMS info; Employee Manual; etc. at our web site at

I understand the above orientation and information provided to me.
Date: ________________________

Job Description: click here for more info
Maintain current EMT, EMT-I, EMT-P certifications
Maintain all required cards including but not limited to EMT state, CPR card, ACLS, PALS, etc.
Maintain current and active drivers license unless a written agreement has been signed with Life Line. If this changes at anytime, you will notify Life Line within 24 hours.
Keep current CEU’s updated and turned into Life Line
Daily Truck checks- maintenance and safety checks to be done first thing on each shift
Daily Truck checks- supply, OMTB equipment, squad equipment, supply room- daily at the start of your shift
Cleaning inside and outside of the squads daily and more frequently if needed.
Staying current with Life Line Policies, procedures, protocols, HIPPA regulations, etc.
Cleaning the office and employee areas on a daily basis
Cleaning bathrooms on a daily basis
Monitoring supply room, cleaning, and updating supplies
Maintaining yard work and chores including mowing the lawn, weeding, cleaning etc.
Understand all equipment and/or supplies- and if having problems notify an owner/manager.
Removal off trash out of squad and office.
To get proper paperwork including face sheet, run sheet, doctors certification, and patient authorization form, patient information, etc.
Help with paperwork/office work as needed
To be competent and proficient in all skills required by your level of medical training/certification.
Dress and act in a professional manor- including Life Line Uniforms (black shoes, black socks, black pants, Life Line shirt-required to be tucked in).
EMT-I, EMT-A, EMT-P: Maintain drugs, check drugs on a daily basis as well as sqecial equipment, and maintain drug bag and supplies.

I understand the above job description and agree to all terms required. I will maintain all required fields, cards, etc. and I will do my job to the best of my abilities. If I have any problems or concerns I will contact a manager/owner.

I will complete my job and work to the best of my abilities. I have reviewed all orientation materials. I will take pride in what I do, how I preform, how I act, and how I treat my patients and coworkers. I will be properly dressed at all times. I will always promote good to this service. During time at which I am on-call, I must be available at all times. I will treat all management, personnel, staff and patients with respect. I take full responsibility to replace equipment used and to maintain my truck, supplies, and equipment.

Name: ______________________________ Signature:_______________
Date: __________________________


Workforce Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that Life Line Medical Ambulance has a legal and ethical responsibility to maintain patient privacy, including obligations to protect the confidentiality of patient information and to safeguard the privacy of patient information.

In addition, I understand that during the course of my employment at Life Line Medical Ambulance I may see or hear other confidential information such as financial data, employee/employer information, and operational information pertaining to the practice of Life Line. All information collected, reviewed, viewed, or noted are required to be kept confidential. Posting, selling, discussing, etc. Life Line Medical Ambulance information or patient information is strictly prohibited.

As a condition of my employment with Life Line Medical Ambulance, I understand that I must sign an d comply with this agreement. I will also agree to all privacy policies, and HIPAA policies.

I will disclose patient information and/or confidential information only if such disclosure complies with Life Line Medical Ambulance’s parties, and is required for the performance of my job.

My personal access codes(s), user ID(s), access key(s), password(s) and entrance key used to access computer systems or other equipment are to be kept confidential at all times. All codes, ID’s, keys, etc. are property of Life Line Medical Ambulance and must be surrendered once no longer employed at Life Line Medical.

I will not access or view any information other than what is required to do my job. I will not give out any medical/personal or Life Line operation information without proper consent. If I have any questions about whether access to certain information is required for my to do my job correctly and efficiently, I will immediately ask my supervisor for clarification.

I will not discuss any client, patient, or information pertaining to practice in an area where unauthorized individuals may hear such information (for example hallways, elevators, restaurants, social events, etc). I will not post client, patient, or information pertaining to Life Line practice on facebook, twitter, myspace or other internet sites unless consent has been obtained and cleared by management. I understand that it is not acceptable to discuss any of Life Line Medical Ambulance information in public areas even if specifics such as patient names are not used.

I will not give out personal information about clients, staff, employees, employers, business info or patients unless authorized to do so, and consent has been obtained. Never give out information unless you are certain that the information is required and that the person you are speaking with is authorized to take/ask for information. Never give out information to unknown callers, solicitors, tellemarketers, collection agencies, banks, or unknown persons. When in doubt, never give information out. I will not make inquires about any practice information for any individual or party who does not have proper authorization to access such information.

I will not make any unauthorized transmissions, transactions, emails, texts, copies, disclosures, inquires, modifications, or purging of patient or Life Line information. Such unauthorized transmission include, but are not limited to removing and/or transferring patient information, or confidential information from Life Line Medical Ambulance’s computer system, billing information, patient transport sheets, face sheets, etc. to unauthorized locations (this locations may include, but are not limited to home, internet, other companies, third parties, etc.).
I agree with the above policy and agree to these terms.
Signature: ________________ Date: ____________