Life Line Medical Ambulance
Life Line Medical Ambulance
Emergency Status Policy:
Safety is our number one priority.
​Emergency Status should only be used during a
true emergency. While driving "emergency status" it is required to use both the emergency lights and sirens. It is important to have all emergency lights on as well as headlights. Never use the lights without sirens.

It is VERY important that you always use Due Regard to other drivers. No matter what the weather is like, it is always important to practice safe and effective driving. It is important to be an offensive and defensive driver at all times.

​​Never text, uses your cell phone, or use the radio while driving emergency status. Your focus should always be on the road. Texting while driving is grounds for immediate dismissal. Have a non-driving partner use phones/radio, etc.

All persons in the ambulance must be seat belted in. This includes employees, passengers, and patients. If a passenger is unable or refuses to wear a seatbelt, then they are unable to ride in the ambulance. We prefer that only patient's and Life Line Employees ride with the ambulance. Family and friends should take their own vehicle and should not try to keep up with the ambulance or follow at close distances.  

​​Drivers must have a valid Ohio Drivers license, and be covered by our insurance to drive any Life Line Medical Ambulance squad. Accident/injuries caused by a person who does not meet the above qualifications will be responsible for all damages.

​​Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to drive or operate any of Life Line Medical Ambulances vehicles and they are not permitted to perform any patient care.  

Please contact Life Line Medical for the complete Emergency Status Policy​​