Life Line Medical Services:

MICU: Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • Morrow County's and Crawford County's first and only MICU- We serve all of central Ohio including Galion, Knox, Bucyrus, Marion, Shelby, Morrow, Delaware, Grady, and all of North Central Ohio. Highly trained nurses, paramedics and a Physician Assistant (PA-C).
  • Emergency Ambulance Transports: To the hospital of your choice
    Advanced Life Support (ALS)- All ages
    ​Basic Life Support (BLS)- All ages
    MICU- ages 1 month and up

  • Non-Emergency Ambulance transports:
    Doctor Office apt./visits.
    Return home from Hospital stays
    Return from Emergency Room visit 
    Emergency transports
    Non-Emergency Transports
    Hospice Transports
    Hospital to Hospital Transports
    Nursing home Transports

  • Dialysis transports
Specialized Services:

Traveling Specialized Nurse/PA-C/Paramedic:Do you have a family member with medical problems that is traveling by commercialized plane, bus, train, or other transport? Do you worry about their safety or feel they may need medical care during the trip but they don't need an ambulance or medical air transport? We offer nurses, Physician Assistant (PA-C) or paramedics that will travel with your loved one to help insure a safe trip. Our staff will assist with medications, transport, medical needs, and we will carry our own first aid kit/medical kit during the trip. Please contact our office for more information.

Long distance/ Out of state squad transports:We offer squad transports for out of State locations. We will travel to the state or location of your choice. This is often used when you would like an ill loved one moved closer to family for medial care/ aid. We offer discounts for long transports. We will match Competitors rates.

First Aid Teams: Do you have a large event coming up and would like a first aid booth or medical team at your venue? We offer first Aid tents, trailers, ATV carts, and squads to be at your event. No occasion to big or to small, we can tailor to your specific needs. Call for quotes. 

CPR Classes:We offer American Heart Association CPR Classes for Professionals (nurse, doctor, EMT's, aids) and the general public. We will provide the manikins and supplies. You or your group will have the opportunity to buy CPR books and CD's. A 4 person minimum is required for a group class. We can do this for nursing homes, doctors offices, cub scouts, girl scouts, church groups, etc. Discount on groups of 6 or more. 

First Aid Classes:We offer First Aid Classes to the generalized public. Cost is $45 per person. We will provide the manikins and supplies.  First aid books are required per group. A 4 person minimum is required. We can do this for nursing homes, doctors offices, cub scouts, girl scouts, church groups, etc.

Guest Lecture
: We offer medical lectures to medical teams, hospitals, and schools. Please contact Janel for more information. Speakers can be RN's, Physician Assistant's (PA-C) and EMT's. Cost is usually free!

Special Occasion:Do you have a special occasion such as a high school graduation, wedding, or party and need transportation by squad and don't have the ability to get out on your own? We may be able to help you or a loved one travel to this special occasion. Please be aware, insurance companies do not pay for these types of services, but we do offer discounts. Contact us for more information.

ACLS Classes-We have several ACLS instructors but as of this time we only teach for Morrow County Hospital. MCH will open classes to the public. Please contact Jennifer Oliver at 419-946-5015 for more Info.  Please click here for more info.  

Kids:We offer free walk arounds, guides, and demonstrations for schools, girl scouts, boy scouts, youth groups, church groups, etc. Please contact our office with further information.

Blood pressure and vitals screening. Please stop at our Fulton office Monday-Friday from 9-5 and we will offer a courtesy Blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate ,and pulse ox screening. It may be best to call before stopping at our office 419-864-3967.

Guest Lecture:We may be able to offer a guest lecture for your youth group or event. 

Wheelchair transports- we no longer offer any type of wheelchair transports.

Is there a service you need and you do not see it above? Please contact our office to see if we can set something up for you!​​