Life Line Medical Ambulance

Click on links below to read more: Please be aware that we have updated our company policy/handbook for 2017-2018 and several of these are outdated online. Please contact Michelle for more info.

NEW 2020 Protocols now available! Please contact Janel if you would like a copy sent to your email.​​

​​​​Code of Conduct and disciplinary actions

Harassment Policy
HIPAA and Privacy
Identity Theft for patients
Life Line Services: What we offer
Job Description
EMS info
Employee Manual
Emergeny Status Policy- driving emergency status
OSHA and Safety
Paramedic and Intermediate Medications:

​Please be advised that the links above are constantly being updated and changed. Life Line has the right to change policies, links, notes, etc. without notice to employees.

Many of the above links are outdated. Current Life Line Medical policies and Employee Manuals can be found at our Main office. Contact Shona for more info.