​​Q:  What is a Paramedic?
A:   Paramedics work with many other professionals, such as firefighters, rescue workers, police, nurses, doctors and others, in order to provide treatment and stabilization to those in crisis.   The paramedic carries out examinations and treatments.  They transport patient's to hospitals to be evaluated by doctor's and stabilize patient's in need.

Q:  What can I do to make it easier for emergency crews to find my house if I need them?
A:  It is essential for your home to be clearly marked so that emergency responders can find it with little difficulty.  Make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the road and large enough to be seen at night.  Turn on an outside light after you call.  If possible, have someone meet the paramedics outside to direct them in.  

Q: What is a MICU?
A: ​A MICU stands for Mobile Intensive Care Unit. It offers a 3 person crew with at least a RN (Nurse) or a PA-C (Physician Assistant). These transports are for very critically ill and injured people. They are often on multiple medications/drips, are intubated or have other life saving measures. ​

Q: What is a PA-C?
A: A PA-C is a Physician Assistant-Certified. They hold a masters degree in medicine and are similar to a Nurse Practitioner. They hold a 4 year degree and then have a masters in Medicine. Normally it takes about 7-8 years of training. Life Line's PA-C has an additional degree in Emergency Medicine. ​​​We are one of the few MICU teams in the nation that has a PA-C. A Physician Assistant is considered an Advanced Practitioner. 

Q: What is a PALS unit?
A: PALS stand for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. They are specially trained Paramedic's, Nurses and PA's that take classes to be certified for a 2 year period to transport ill and injured children.

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