Life Line Medical Ambulance
Code of Conduct

These have changed- to see updated info please see Employee manual on GMS.
​This is a guideline.
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​Purpose: To outline and state the procedures of Life Line Medical Ambulance with the regard to the Code of Conduct

Policy: The Code of Conduct guidelines shall be followed by all members of the Life Line Staff, and shall be enforced b the officer's/owners of Life Line Medical Ambulance.

Responsibilities: All EMT's are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all the Code of Conduct policies and procedures and shall comply with these procedures.

Procedures: Whenever people gather together to achieve goals, some rules or guidelines of conduct are needed to help everyone work together efficiently, effectively, and harmoniously. In respecting our own dignity, each of us must respect the rights and privileges of fellow Life Line employees. Personal conduct must be in harmony with generally accepted standards of behavior to operate a safe efficient department. Each person needs to treat one another with fairness, honesty, openness, and respect. This is not aimed at restricting, but rather preserving the right of all.

By accepting employment with Life Line, you have a responsibility to the staff of Life Line and your fellow EMT's to adhere to certain rules of behavior and conduct. The purpose of these rules is not to restrict your rights, bu rather to be certain that you understand what conduct is expected and necessary. When each person is aware that he or she can fully depend upon fellow EMT's to follow the rules of conduct, then our organization will be a better place to work for everyone. Openly recognize conflict and seek to resolve it though discussion. Deal with emotional and interpersonal problems at the lower level. Training and group dynamics will help resolve conflict.

Generally speaking, Life Line expects each person to act in a mature and responsible way at all times. To avoid and possible confusion, some of the more obvious unacceptable activities are noted below. Your avoidance of these activities will be to your benefit as well as the benefit of the staff of Life Line Medical Ambulance. If you have any questions concerning any work or safety rule, please see the supervisor/captain.

Criticism of superior officers instructors or owners; discourteous to the public, members of Life Line, Nursing staff, hospital staff; unjust treatment of Life Line owners, instructors, members, or movement to create distension shall be considered breach of discipline and shall be dealt with as such. All members of Life Line are prohibited from influencing or in any way attempting to influence or threaten the business or the business of any citizen on or off the department.

Should any member of the acting Life Line Staff have trouble with any other type of agency, that member shall into enter into a dispute from any agency.  The dispute is to be reported to your direct supervisor in writing, and they in turn will contact a Life Line owner. They will then handle or resolve the insure as they see fit, and for the best interest of all persons involved. This includes, but is not limited to 911, nursing homes, dialysis centers, doctors offices, EMS, Police, nursing staff, hospital employees, and fire departments.

Work rules fall into different classifications. Violation of certain rules will result in disciplinary actions. The disciplinary actions will be handled on an individual basis according to the nature of the offense and the evaluation of the circumstances. To assist EMT's in understanding the nature of various offenses, and provide supervisors with general guidelines, offenses are divide into three classifications with a recommended disciplinary action for each.

The following is a list of offenses by classification with the recommended disciplinary action indicated. This list is not intended to limit disciplinary actions, which may be taken for other violations that are not listed here. Both officers and the EMT's may invite another officer and or EMT to attend the disciplinary meeting as a witness.

1. Class 1 offense- Immediate Dismissal
  Occurrences of any of the following violations, because of their seriousness, may result in immediate dismissal without warning

Willful violation of any department policy, or deliberate actions that is extreme in nature and obviously detrimental to Life Line Medical Ambulance's efforts to operate safely and efficiently.

Tampering with any and all safety equipment to make it inoperable and/or dangerous.

Reporting to work under the influence of recreational drugs, non-prescription drugs, narcotics, alcohol intoxication or under the influence of a controlled substance or a substance known to impair judgment.

Smoking in an ambulance or Life Line vehicle or smoking near oxygen or oxygen cylinder storage.

Reporting to work with dangerous or illegal firearms, weapons or explosives.

Engaging in the act of sabotage or willfully gross negligence causing the destruction or damage to the office, fellow EMT's, or visitors property in any manor.

Immoral conduct or indecency on Life Line Ambulance office, equipment, squads as includes but is not limited to; squad runs, maintenance detains, special detail, truck checks, etc.

Misconduct, abuse and/or neglect of duty toward a victim, patient, patients family member, nursing staff, hospital staff, medical professional or the general public.

Conviction of a felony or drug related offense while under Life Line Employment.

Physical sexual harassment, repetitive verbal sexual harassment, and/or creating a hostile work environment.

Theft of ANY Life Line or Life Line staff property.

Not maintaining EMT certification and/or professional cards, such as CPR card, State Certification card, ACLS card, etc.

Preforming skills out of your scope of practice and/or protocols.

Class 2 Offense

Verbal and/or written reprimand, and/or suspension for 1-30 days. Depending on the severity of the offense you could be discharge of all duties and terminated.

Obscene or abusive language, indifferences, rudeness, disorderly antagonistic speaking toward any officer, owner or fellow employee.

Texting while driving.

Taking a personal phone call (not work related) while driving.

Willful violation or failure to observe safety and security policies as well as failure to wear all appropriate personal protective devices (PPD).

Engaging in criminal conduct or acts of violence, making treats of violence toward any EMT personnel, or provoking a fight or negligent damage to Life Line Property.

Insubordination or refusing to obey instructions or orders properly issued to a EMT pertaining to your job.

Refusing runs and/or transports any time during your shift.

Threatening, intimidating, or coercing a fellow Life Line Employee.

Dishonesty, willful falsification or misrepresentation on you application, personal information sheet, medial records, certifications, or physical exam.

Malicious gossip and/or spreading of rumors and propaganda as well engaging in behavior to create discord and lack of harmony at Life Line.

Interfering with another EMT while on the job and restricting them from doing their job and restricting their output or encourage others to do the same.

Alterations of any personal records including and dealing with meetings, trainings, etc.

Unauthorized releases or use of confidential information concerning Life Line Medical, our staff, or our patients. 

Violation of the HIPAA laws and regulations.

Neglect of routine or assigned work/maintenance/cleaning duties assigned to you or your crew.

Not preforming daily truck checks and equipment checks.

Unauthorized us of Life Line equipment in any way. 

Class 3 Offense:

Class 3 offenses fall under the "progressive disciplinary" procedures and steps. Occurrence of any of the following infractions shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures steps as follow. If the offense is sever enough a step may be skipped.

step 1: Verbal reprimand
step 2: Written reprimand
step 3: Written with suspension
step 4: Termination

Unsatisfactory or careless work. Failure to meet the quality standards explained to you by the officers.

Mistakes due to carelessness and failure to get necessary instructions. Improper use or knowledge of equipment, drugs, or supplies. 

Failure to get all correct documentation- including but not limited to run sheet, face sheet, doctors certification, insurance cards, and patient info. 

Failure to complete and/or sign run sheets and turn them in in a timely manor.

Leaving Life Line Medical station including but not limited to emergency runs, non-emergency runs, transports, trainings, special detail, end of shift/shift change, business meetings, etc. without the knowledge of the officer in charge or dispatcher.

Use of Life Line phone for personal phone calls.

Calling long distance that is not work related.

Using tobacco products in undesignated areas.

Removing or altering notices, memo's, letters, schedule, etc on any posted area without permission.

Failure to report damage to, or an accident involving Life Line property or equipment.

Failure to report personal injuries to an officer and filing and incident report.

Leaving work early without permission and/or not reporting to duty. Clocking in late, leaving early without permission.

Falsifying oncall time, call-in's, extra runs, or overtime pay.

Falsifying miss punched forms.

Not maintaining clean trucks, equipment, office, EMS quarters, etc.

Keeping oneself clean and presentable. It is NOT acceptable to wear another departments shirt, sweatshirt, hats, etc. It is required that you wear black pants, black socks, black shoes and a Life Line shirt/sweatshirt or white EMS dress shirt. Shirts are required to be tucked in during all transports.

Posting hurtful, bad, inappropriate comments on the internet about Life Line, work, staff, employee's, patients, etc. on facebook, twitter, myspace, Etc. You are also responsible for comments made to you on your account by friends/family.

Posting any patient information or details on a public site like Facebook or Twitter, etc.​​

Not answering during on-call times or while inservice.  

Revised: May 2022 JS