Life Line Medical Ambulance

OSHA Safety Statement and Policy

Our number one priority at Life Line Medical is Personal and Patient safety. We strive to protect our employees and our clients. Life Line will abide by OSHA regulations and will promise to provide proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and training.

As an employee of Life Line we require you to work safely and cautiously. Always use protective equipment when needed, required, or wanted. It is also important to always drive safely and to use Due Regard when traveling emergency status (please see Emergency Status Policy).

If a member of our staff is injured while at work, we promise to abide any restrictions set up by authorized medical personnel. Life Line also will do all that we can to get you back into the work force as quickly and safely as we can. We also will try to provide a work environment that can get you back to work sooner with your restrictions.

Any OSHA violations, work injuries, work safety concerns, “near misses,” or other concerns should be reported immediately to Connie Scarbrough. An incident report must be filled out within 24 hours of an injury/illness/near miss and given to a member of management.

Connie Scarbrough EMT-P